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Burst of Color
6 July 2018

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New Cat Kai
10 November 2009

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Pinyon Pines
9 June 2009

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Window Springs

Steve Rice on Window Springs
Interesting old wood. Fine textures.

Michael Skorulski on Window Springs
Wonderful aging textures in that old wood.

tataray on Window Springs
Bonne composition.

tataray on Black and Rose
Jolie, dommage de l'avoir mise en N/B

Existence Artistique on Storefront Typography

B. Thomas on Black and Rose
Very nice b&w shot.

Devi on Black and Rose
Very beautifully done !!!

Don on Black and Rose
And excellent looking black-and-white picture of this flower. Very well done.

Hiro on Black and Rose
Lovely one !

Existence Artistique on Black and Rose
bel effet

Anita on Cupola
That is some house!

Anita on Knobby Bits
You captured wonderful architectural details. Very nice!

Anita on The Peel
The title says it.

omid on The Peel
Amazing textures!

Luca Bobbiesi on The Peel
Wonderful shot!!!

Hiro on The Peel
I like this image. Really photogenic.

grouser on The Peel
nice bit of distressed detail

Existence Artistique on The Peel
bien ce déchirement

Ronnie 2¢ on The Peel
Could be the point of no return . .

Michael Skorulski on The Peel
The peel has textural appeal.

Devi on Lotta 'Shrooms
Beautiful...I love mushrooms of all types !

Devi on Close In
this is lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devi on Chained Leaves
The green ones must break free instead of giving up like the yellowing ones :)

Devi on Blood Red
aw!! I love this...can get some fragrance too :)

Devi on Ornamentation
Great details here..Solid construction !

Devi on Cupola
Beawutiful capture.. One must feel dizzy standing up there !!

Devi on Knobby Bits
Love this designed patio roof...Great shot and angle :)

Devi on The Peel
My hands are itching to p0eel them !!!!!Lovely shot ! Thank you for relishing my green mangoes ;)

B. Thomas on Knobby Bits
It looks like big legos, ready to snap together.

Existence Artistique on Knobby Bits

Existence Artistique on Cupola
bien cette architecture

Ronnie 2¢ on Ornamentation
What a wonderful collection of detail . . like the architect just could not stop creating !

Existence Artistique on Ornamentation
bien ce bleu ardoise

Existence Artistique on Pavement
bien ces brisures

Existence Artistique on Blood Red

Nina on Blood Red
lovely roses

Existence Artistique on Chained Leaves

Dimitrios on Chained Leaves

Steven on Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral #2
Beautiful view of the altar with great color and clarity!! The altar should be leveled/straightened.

ARIKA on Burst of Color
Well captured!!

Existence Artistique on Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral #2

Existence Artistique on Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral

Existence Artistique on Foil
bien ce rendu

Existence Artistique on Burst of Color
belles couleurs

rbassin on Burst of Color
beautiful colorful set.

Existence Artistique on Magnolia

Nina on Close In
lovely composition and detail

Existence Artistique on Close In
oh c'est superbe,c'est une intéressante recherche

Elaheh . Ƹl¡ on Good and Red
Full of positive energy ! love it

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